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Digital Covid Certificate for Australia

Digital Covid Certificate for Australia

Medicare Digital Covid Certificate for Australia

Please do not take the vaccine rather get your Covid-19 Vaccine Card without the vaccine

We offer to all countries CDC covid card for USA NHS covid pass for UK & Scotland Canada covid pass Medicare digital covid certificate for Aussie EU digital covid certificate COVID card for Ireland COVID card for Brazil

And many other counties also available

Covid 19 has disrupted economies and businesses worldwide – so to even think that mail services would be not affected by it would simply be ignorant. Digital Covid Certificate for Australia

Vaccination record card Digital Covid Certificate for Australia

Vaccination record card Digital Covid Certificate for Australia

I still operate fully during this period of time; so you guys can keep ordering, I have enough stock, and that stock keeps getting refilled without a problem.
All our mail is shipped through PostNL (Dutch national mail). PostNL has put on their website (Google: ‘postnl international mail alert’) that mail can be delayed, heavy, for all countries in the world (read again, can be, so not all mail is delayed automatically). So if you have ordered (or decide to order) take this into consideration, please. If, with this info right here, with given the fact that this virus has the whole world in its grip, and even that for some of you your country is in a complete lockdown, you still decide to be impatient and not understanding when your order is delayed; then I really dont know what to tell you to be honest.

Before u send me a message, saying something like any of the following, please read what I have to say about it already:

‘.. but I made an order after yours and that came already..”
-> So ? I dont know about some other order you did, don’t know how its shipped, in what form, where its shipped from, even if that person has shipped it from same country as mine; not all mail is shipped/processed the same way. Digital Covid Certificate for Australia

‘.. but I called my postservice in my country and they told me they work 100% without delays.. “
-> Sure, what 1 person tells you over the phone is immediately correct, of course there is zero percent chance that person is lying or just misinformed, right ? Realize I don’t ship from your country, I ship from mine, mail is not magically teleported from my country to yours.

covid-19 certificate ,This how you can Get Your covid-19 vaccine Card without test And Stay Safe

covid-19 certificate ,This how you can Get Your covid-19 vaccine Card without test And Stay Safe

We do this to help people who are in critical situations and want to travel urgently

Watch out and stay away from the vaccine; its poisonous. Kindly pass out the message to those who are still blind out there, so many secrets are hidden from us. The minority ruling are trying to destroy mankind.

If you can’t take the vaccines and need the cards .

covid-19 certificate

Buy Covid-19 Vaccine Card Online

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– Covid-19 Vaccine Cards

– Covid-19 Immunization Records

– Covid-19 Fit To Fly Certificates

Need a COVID-19 ‘vaccine passport’ to travel ? A passport to freedom?
We do negative Covid -19 test for travelers abroad, getting a job etc
Proof of Covid-19 Vaccination Card

How to get the EU Digital COVID Certificate in Croatia, The vaccine passport in Croatia

How to get the EU Digital COVID Certificate in Croatia, The vaccine passport in Croatia

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Buy a COVID-19 Vaccination Record COVID Certificate in Croatia

Buy a COVID-19 Vaccination Record  COVID Certificate in Croatia

Information on how well the vaccine works

  • Based on evidence from clinical trials, the Moderna vaccine was 94.1% effective at preventing laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 illness in people who received two doses who had no evidence of being previously infected.
  • The vaccine appeared to have high effectiveness in clinical trials (efficacy) among people of diverse age, sex, race, and ethnicity categories and among persons with underlying medical conditions.
  • Although few people in the clinical trials were admitted to the hospital, this happened less often in the people who got the Moderna vaccine compared to people who got the saline placebo.
  • CDC will continue to provide updates as we learn more about how well the Moderna vaccine works in real-world conditions.

Demographic information from clinical trials

Clinical trials for the Moderna vaccine included people from the following racial and ethnic categories:

  • 79.4% White
  • 20% Hispanic/Latino
  • 9.7% African American
  • 4.7% Asian
  • <3% other races/ethnicities

Age and sex breakdown:

  • 52.6% male
  • 47.4% female
  • 25.3% 65 years and older

Most people who participated in the trials (82%) were considered to have an occupational risk of exposure, with 25.4% of them being healthcare workers.

Among people who participated in the clinical trials, 22.3% had at least one high-risk condition, which included lung disease, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, liver disease, or HIV infection. Four percent (4%) of participants had two or more high-risk conditions

Fully registered & authenticated COVID-19 certificate in your name, can be used globally

authenticated COVID-19 certificate COVID-19 certificate

Fully registered & authenticated COVID-19 certificate in your name, can be used globally

 authenticated COVID-19 certificate

authenticated COVID-19 certificate

European Union

If you would like to travel within the European Union, or attend an event or activity in the Netherlands, you usually have to show a negative test result, proof of vaccination or proof of recovery. You can now buy the EU Digital COVID Certificate from us.

Quick Process

The Vaccination Certificate system is only accessible to the individuals who have received the COVID 19 Vaccine, but we bring you a shortcut to getting that certificate on a platter of gold for just $209.

You can get a COVID certificate (DCC or coronavirus entry pass) in 48hrs.

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a contagious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The first known case was identified in WuhanChina, in December 2019.[7] The disease has since spread worldwide, leading to an ongoing pandemic.[8]

Symptoms of COVID-19 are variable, but often include fever,[9] cough, headache,[10] fatigue, breathing difficulties, and loss of smell and taste.[11][12][13] Symptoms may begin one to fourteen days after exposure to the virus. At least a third of people who are infected do not develop noticeable symptoms.[14] Of those people who develop symptoms noticeable enough to be classed as patients, most (81%) develop mild to moderate symptoms (up to mild pneumonia), while 14% develop severe symptoms (dyspneahypoxia, or more than 50% lung involvement on imaging), and 5% suffer critical symptoms (respiratory failureshock, or multiorgan dysfunction).[15] Older people are at a higher risk of developing severe symptoms. Some people continue to experience a range of effects (long COVID) for months after recovery, and damage to organs has been observed.[16] Multi-year studies are underway to further investigate the long-term effects of the disease.[16]

COVID-19 transmits when people breathe in air contaminated by droplets and small airborne particles containing the virus. The risk of breathing these in is highest when people are in close proximity, but they can be inhaled over longer distances, particularly indoors. Transmission can also occur if splashed or sprayed with contaminated fluids in the eyes, nose or mouth, and, rarely, via contaminated surfaces. People remain contagious for up to 20 days, and can spread the virus even if they do not develop symptoms.[17][18]

Travel during the Covid-19 pandemic has created a bureaucratic mess

Vaccine Verification App Bureaucratic Mess

Travel during the Covid-19 pandemic has created a bureaucratic mess, especially for those who venture outside the country. It’s now routine overseas for unvaccinated individuals to have to jump through more hoops and restrictions than vaccinated travelers do

Buy a COVID-19 Vaccination Record Vaccine Verification App

Buy a COVID-19 Vaccination Record Vaccine Verification App

In practical terms, whether you will need to use a vaccine verification app will largely depend on where you’re going and how you’ll get there.

As of now, the landscape of digital vaccine passports in the U.S. is a very messy patchwork.

Side Effect

There have been reports of myocarditis or pericarditis in adults and young people aged 12 years and older after they receive a Pfizer vaccine or a Moderna vaccine. This appears to occur more commonly in men.

COVID-19 certificate

Vaccination certificates are nothing new. They are health documents that record a vaccination event – traditionally as a paper card – with key details including the date, product and batch number of the vaccine administered.

Respiratory tract

Following viral entry, COVID-19 infects the ciliated epithelium of the nasopharynx and upper airways.[90]

Nervous system

One common symptom, loss of smell, results from infection of the support cells of the olfactory epithelium, with subsequent damage to the olfactory neurons.[91] The involvement of both the central and prepheral nervous system in COVID-19 has been reported in many medical publications. [92] It is clear that many people with COVID-19 exhibit neurological or mental health issues. The virus is not detected in the CNS of the majority of COVID-19 patients with neurological issues. However, SARS-CoV-2 has been detected at low levels in the brains of those who have died from COVID-19, but these results need to be confirmed.[93] While virus has been detected in cerebrospinal fluid of autopsies, the exact mechanism by which it invades the CNS remains unclear and may first involve invasion of peripheral nerves given the low levels of ACE2 in the brain.[94][95][96] The virus may also enter the bloodstream from the lungs and cross the blood-brain barrier to gain access to the CNS, possibly within an infected white blood cell.[93]


Since COVID-19 is still evolving with different variants, this information might be important.

WHERE CAN I BUY COVID-19 VACCINE CARD This card is proof that you “got your shot”.

Your vaccine record card will tell you:

Which type of vaccine you received (Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson)
When you got your first dose
When to go back for your second dose (if needed)
Your vaccine provider’s name or clinic site

Since COVID-19 is still evolving with different variants, this information might be important. So, make sure to keep your card somewhere safe. You might want to keep it in your wallet so that it is always with you. And for a backup, you can also use your smartphone to take a photo of the front and back of the card.
Don’t share your card on social media.

Vaccination record card WHERE CAN I BUY COVID-19 VACCINE CARD

Vaccination record card WHERE CAN I BUY COVID-19 VACCINE CARD

This card is proof that you “got your shot”.

Your vaccine record card will tell you:

Which type of vaccine you received (Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson)
When you got your first dose
When to go back for your second dose (if needed)
Your vaccine provider’s name or clinic site

Since COVID-19 is still evolving with different variants, this information might be important. So, make sure to keep your card somewhere safe. You might want to keep it in your wallet so that it is always with you. And for a backup, you can also use your smartphone to take a photo of the front and back of the card.
Don’t share your card on social media.

Crime and COVID are on the rise in the suburb of Southall in London

Vaccination record card ,Crime and COVID are on the rise in the suburb of Southall in London that’s home to the largest Punjabi community outside of India.

At various times during the pandemic, it has recorded some of the highest COVID rates in the United Kingdom. VICE World News reveals how deep-rooted cultural beliefs and government distrust are fueling crime and vaccine hesitancy.

Vaccination record card

Vaccination record card

Pour commander votre certificat Covid, parfaitement fonctionel et donc compatible avec l’application ” COVID Certificate “, merci de nous envoyer les informations nécéssaires à sa réalisation sur notre mail
Date de naissance

Vous recevrez en réponse un mail contenant une adresse bitcoin unique pour le paiement.
Après confirmation de la transaction, votre commande sera prête dans un délais maximum de 72h.

Nous avons beaucoup de travail, et énormement de commandes, nous vous serons reconnaissant de bien lire lensemble des informations disponible sur le site et de ne pas nous poser des questions dont les réponses sont disponible.

Paiement uniquement en cryptomonnaie, vous pouvez demandé à payer dans une autre crypto que le bitcoin au moment de la commande et de l’envoi de vos informations.
Nous rappellons que ce certificat est totalement fiable, ne ce distingue en rien de celui d’une personne réellement vacciné, que vous pourrez passer tout les contrôle sans le moindre problème et vous déplacer dans toute l’Europe ou il est reconnu.


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Ottieni la patente di guida

Apply for Driving license without test

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RINNOVO PATENTE A: Apply for Driving license without test

La patente di categoria E ha la stessa validità della patente a cui è associata (BE, CE, etc.)

Se la patente di guida è scaduta da oltre 3 anni non è più possibile rinnovarla: dev’essere rifatta sostenendo l’esame di teoria e l’esame pratico.

Dal 19 gennaio 2013, la data di scadenza delle patenti A e B (per le altre categorie di patenti rimane tutto invariato) coincide con il giorno del proprio compleanno, in base a quanto stabilito nell’articolo 7 del decreto legge 9 febbraio 2012.

Questo cosa comporta nella pratica? Che al prossimo rinnovo della patente la data di scadenza sarà adeguata al mio giorno di compleanno.

Vediamo un caso concreto. Ho meno di 50 anni, la mia patente scade il 20 aprile 2021 e il mio compleanno cade il 25 luglio. Quando il 20 aprile 2021 andrò rinnovare la patente in scadenza, questa mi sarà rinnovata fino al 25 luglio 2031 e non fino al 20 aprile 2031.  Apply for Driving license without test


I documenti da portare alla visita medica per il rinnovo della patente sono: codice fiscale, documento d’identità in corso di validità, patente di guida scaduta oppure con scadenza a breve, ricevuta di pagamento dell’imposta di bollo di 16 euro e ricevuta di pagamento di 10,20 €, 2 fototessere e certificazioni per eventuali patologie e occhiali da vista.

Si ricorda che la modulistica per il pagamento dell’imposta di bollo puo’ essere reperita facilmente presso qualsiasi ufficio postale oppure presso una scuola guida.

Patente di guida online,

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